What makes me a good candidate for a school board member?

  • I have a strong educational background in the field of education and in field of counseling which makes me uniquely qualified as a highly effective communicator and trained active listener. These skills are needed to collaborate with school teachers, district employees, support staff and families to find solutions that are in the best interest of the educational welfare of students.
  • I am a parent of two children who have attended PUSD schools throughout their entire elementary and now high school years. I have been an active school volunteer within the district for 15 plus years, serving as a volunteer parent in the classroom, member of the PTO board and serving on local site council board to now working as a substitute teacher for over 6 years in PUSD. I have been an active community member in various other volunteer and teaching roles for over 15 years.
  • I have a strong conviction for the success of public-school education in the Peoria school district. I have a unique perspective of first-hand experience of seeing and hearing the needs of students, teachers and families both inside and outside the classroom and understand the importance of successful public schools within the community.